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We make beautiful, unique and meaningful electric guitars.

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About Dog Tired Guitars

Connecting your story with your passion.


Just like you, we have a passion for creating.  Whether it's the music itself or the tools for making the music, it's the creating and sharing of our art that drives us.  It's getting our instruments into the hands of folks who use them to tell their own stories — to connect with others or with their own roots.  One of the things that makes music such a powerful medium is the ability to connect — to get others to feel how you feel.  When you connect deeply with that guitar in your hands and with the stories it's seen, inspiration abounds.



We want you to be inspired by the guitar you hold — inspired to keep playing, inspired to keep writing, inspired to keep connected to your history.  Most of all, we want you to be inspired to tell your story.

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Customer Testimonials

"The finished product looks better than I imagined when we started.  I've owned name brands, and my Dog Tired guitars hold their own in playability and sound.  As someone who makes a living with his insturments, I love owning guitars hand built for my personality and style."

Steve Broadway - Stillwater, Oklahoma

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